Health Insurance quotes from insurance agents.


Do you know if the place where you are getting your insurance quotes from is local?

When finding health insurance there are many places on the internet that claim they are local or only use local agents.  However, they are actually glorified telemarketers trying to get your information and sell it to several agents.  Thereby, confusing trying to find affordable health insurance.

Affordable health insurance rates for individual and family health insurance plans are set.  It really matters not if you go through the insurance carrier or an agent.   Utilizing us has many benefits, See below for a few of the benefits:

Using us as your insurance agent has many benefits for you as the consumer:

  •  Saves you time and frustration that may come with trying finding the right health insurance for you, your family and business.
  •   Education – Educating on the various plans and how they work.  Helping you ensure you are getting a plan fits not only you insurance needs but financial needs as well.
  •   On going support – We work for you and help with not only finding the best insurance plans for you.  In addition, we also help with ongoing issues that may arise. Such as, billing or claims issues.
  • Calling insurance carrier direct – Sure you can call the insurance carrier.  When you call the insurance carriers directly, the person on the other end is looking out the carrier and their bottom line. Whereas, we are looking out for you. We are your health insurance advocates.

Does your health insurance agent have experience?

We are local Arizona insurance agents with nearly 20 years of insurance experience. Helping thousands to find affordable health insurance.  Call us today for personalize service! We are here to make sense of insurance.

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